Super Mario Bros. Wonder Unveiled with Release Date, Trailers, and Gameplay Details

After a prolonged hiatus of over a decade, the beloved Super Mario franchise is set to redefine the 2D gaming landscape with its latest installment, Super Mario Bros. Wonder. This upcoming side-scrolling adventure transports players back to the iconic Mushroom Kingdom, promising a thrilling and innovative experience. While 3D Mario titles have often taken the spotlight in recent years, it's important not to overlook the creative and enchanting charm of the 2D games. With each entry injecting fresh twists into the classic formula of running, jumping, and reaching the flagpole, Super Mario Bros. Wonder aims to captivate players with its imaginative gameplay and revitalized magic.


Credits: Nintendo

Release Date:

A momentous occasion for Mario enthusiasts is just around the corner, as Super Mario Bros. Wonder is slated to launch on October 20th, marking the end of the long drought of new 2D Mario adventures. Nintendo has recognized the fans' anticipation and ensured that this eagerly awaited title will be exclusively available on the Nintendo Switch, guaranteeing an immersive and seamless experience on the beloved platform.



The world received its first glimpse of Super Mario Bros. Wonder during the June Nintendo Direct presentation, where it served as the grand finale of the event. While the trailer didn't delve deep into the game's narrative, as is typical of 2D Mario games, it delighted fans with its showcase of a fresh art style and exciting gameplay mechanics. Notably, the trailer introduced a captivating new "character" in the form of talking flowers that Mario encounters throughout the stages. These blossoms offer cheerful greetings, providing hints of a potential storyline. The trailer also unveiled the key gameplay element called Wonder Flowers, items that dynamically transform the levels in unexpected ways, accompanied by a new item known as the Wonder Seed that appears to restore normalcy.

Credits: Nintendo


The heart and soul of Super Mario Bros. Wonder lies within its gameplay. Embracing its 2D platformer roots, the game propels players through a series of obstacle-laden courses, brimming with hazards and enemies, all leading to the iconic flagpole at the end. To inject novelty into the experience, the game introduces the Wonder Flowers, which play a prominent role in shaking up the familiar formula. Collecting these flowers grants Mario a range of abilities and triggers surprising level transformations. For instance, Mario can morph into a spiked ball, animate otherwise lifeless pipes, and even stretch and squash his shape in peculiar ways. The trailer also showcased an intriguing power-up—an apple with an elephant's trunk—which grants Mario the ability to transform into an elephant, promising a wealth of untapped mechanics and possibilities. Furthermore, players can expect a variety of gameplay features, including hand and foot grinding on rails, ascending rainclouds while drenching the environment with water, and seamless transitions between the foreground and background. Additionally, Mario and Peach were seen utilizing their hats to glide, a skill that is no longer exclusive to the princess, indicating a universal ability rather than a temporary power-up.

Progression and Multiplayer:

Super Mario Bros. Wonder retains the tradition of a traditional overworld map, allowing players to navigate and select levels. Each level presents the challenge of discovering two collectibles, adding depth and replayability, while a star rating system indicates the level's difficulty. The game supports multiplayer functionality, enabling up to four players to embark on this delightful journey together. Confirmed playable characters include Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, Yoshi, and even Daisy, providing a diverse cast of beloved characters to choose from.


Preorders and Availability:

With the release date drawing near, eager fans can secure their copies of Super Mario Bros. Wonder through preorders on Nintendo's official

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